Proven Sires

Lonestar Vernon 3W   OB52132



Lonestar is a Fullblood bull owned in partnership with Diamond H Ranch. He is a Northstar Vernon son, out of a top selling heifer at the first Broken Oak production sale. His dam is a Vernon granddaughter and the bottom side of her pedigree has Erle,  Sampson 629, Sambo Jordi, and Swiss Way Marshall 53. Lonestar is a fullblood braunvieh that is well balanced and his calves are consistently in the mid 80’s.  

MHF Xerox



MHF Xerox X002 is owned with Diamond H Ranch and brings unique opportunities to the progressive breeder! Xerox is a homozygous polled purebred bull and has a CE EPD’s in the upper 1%, birth weight in the lowest 1%, and REA’s in upper 2% of the breed.

A show winner himself, siring show winners, top sellers and sons that excel in performance testing.  

DHR Casi Uno



Uno is a beautiful black purebred Braunvieh bull purchased from our friends at Diamond H Rnach. He is the son of Ranger 11R. Uno continues to prove his bloodline through his calves. 

Looking for a Sire or Stock?


Looking for a sire? Needing new stock for AI? We have it all! Stock from proven sires. Traditional and sexed semen. Fullblood, purebred, polled, homozygous, and black bulls are all available for sale to boost your breeding program.  

AAA Yukons Pride


AAA Yukons Pride 52A OB85260 is a young proven son of Yukons Image that is producing offspring with low birth weights for a Full Blood with a CED of 5.9. Beautiful daughters and sons that are making a Postive impact on our herd. Pride is owned in partnership with Diamond H Ranch. 

BLC Beaumont 571B


Beaumont is a homozygous polled, black sire that has proven himself time and again. Siring several show calves, his offspring have growth and power with calving ease.